Luambe National Park


General Information

The Luambe National Park is one of the smallest parks situated in the Eastern Province of Zambia. The park is situated north-east of the famous South Luangwa National Park, and south of the North Luangwa National Park. Like its neighbours, it is located in the Luangwa River rift valley.

Infrastructure & Accessibility

There is just one campsite located within the park, providing you with absolute seclusion, privacy and tranquillity, providing you with the perfect opportunity to submerge yourself in the beauty of nature

Habitat, Flora and Climate

The life force of the Luangwa Valley is the Luangwa River. In the rainy season it floods and as it recedes, lagoons remain at the side of the main channel. The river does not dry up completely at Luambe but by the end of the dry season flows are reduced to a trickle. The river scene changes through the year according to the water level, which changes the topography of its banks and floodplain. This combination of water and land has created a very special ecosystem. In Luambe, there are numerous lagoons, which are visited by animals and birds in the dry season and which promote biodiversity.


Boasting more than 200 species of birds, this park is a true wonderland for avid birders, some of the top species include the martial eagle, tawny eagle and the African fish eagle. Keep an eye out for the rare species like the African skimmer, racket-tailed roller and Pel’s fishing owl that also feature within the park.

Accommodation Type(s)

Lodge(s), Camping


Bird watching tour, Game Drives

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