Senga Puku

senga puku

General Information

The Senga Puku is one of two subspecies of Puku. It can be found in Zambia, Tanzania and the DRC unlike the southern puku which can be found in Botswana.

Fun Facts!


A medium sized antelope. The senga puku is sandy brown in colour, with the underbelly a slightly lighter brown. They have rougher coats than similar sized antelopes. Males have 50-cm-long, ridge-structured horns which are lyre-shaped

Ecology and Behaviour

They move in herds of up to thirty or so. When scared, puku repeat a shrill whistle sound. They have a flexible grassy diet and are active in the early morning and late afternoon. During the rainy season, herds will come together for added safety.


It is listed as “Near threatened” by the IUCN red list. Nearly one-third of all puku are found in protected areas, zoos, and national parks due to their diminishing habitat.

Distribution and Habitat

They prefer marsh habitats and can be found in the luangwa valley, kafue national park. They can also be found in DRC, Tanzania and botswana. In the wet season, due to large floods in their habitat they migrate to a higher elevation and in the dry season remain near water.

Interaction with humans

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