Lake Mweru Wantipa

( Lake Mweru Wa Ntipa or Mweru Marsh )


General Information

Lake Mweru Wantipa is a rift valley lake that has swampy characteristics and because of this it’s name means, “muddy lake”. Its water is muddy in appearance, at times appearing reddish and ‘slightly oily’. The main settlement along the lake is the district of Kaputa.


Lake Mweru Wantipa’s fishery has been productive in the past but has been depleted in recent years. The lake supports a large population of hippopotamus and crocodiles.

Wildlife & Birdlife

Except for birds and waterfowl, the wildlife on land and in the marshes, once extensive, has been reduced despite the existence of the Mweru Wantipa National Park. The park lies mainly on the lake’s western shore but covers the lake surface, much of the marshes and part of the southern shore.

Protected Areas

Local Legends

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