Mfungo (Fruit)


General Information

Anisophyllea boehmii is an untidy evergreen or semi-evergreen tree with a rounded, heavy crown; it can grow up to 16 metres tall with a short and usually crooked bole.

Fun Facts!


The ellipsoid, plum-coloured fruit is about 35mm long and 20mm in diameter. It has a pale-yellow flesh that contains a hard stone around a single seed.


The tree is harvested from the wild for local use of its edible fruit and useful wood. Ash from the wood is used as an insecticide for stalk borers. The wood is used for tool handles and poles and used for fuel.


The tree thrives in sandy soils, though it can succeed in a range of soil types from sandy loams to sandy clay loams and grows in areas where the mean annual rainfall is in the range 800 – 1,000mm

Toxicity and Allergies

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